CR28 Mothers Day Gift

CR28 Mothers Day Gift
Description: CR28 Mothers Day Gift
Label: GIFT
Manuf: DOK
Weight: 5 Lbs.

Price: $99.99

Features and Specifications

This beautifully packaged gift is ready to go right out of the box. No wrapping, no fussing, just open the box and hand it to someone special.

Gift package contains these products

CR28 3 Port Smart Phone Charger with Speaker Phone (Bluetooth), Alarm, Clock, FM Radio

ORGANIZE / Charge any 3 portable media devices including phones simultaneously, in one location.
CHARGE / SCD (Smart Current Detection) technology adjusts the current flow to ensure proper charging to each device.
PLAY / Display and listen to one device on Dok's speaker system while charging. UNIVERSAL / Compatible with any smart device.
SPEAKER SYSTEM / Plays a device through its speaker while charging.
CLOCK RADIO / Wake up to FM stereo alarm clock radio.
BLUETOOTH / Easy answer phone calls & hand free.

Package Contents:

CR28MD Large Photo

CR28 Mothers Day Gift

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